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Vermillion is a design, photography and production agency providing packaging, catalogue and brand media services to retailers and brand owners.

We have crafted a unique way of working, creating, developing and delivering fabulous brands with agility, rapid speed to market and vastly reduced costs – All from one team and all in one building.

V1 : Insight

Research. Strategy. Innovation. Experience.
The essential start to any brand journey. You’d be lost without it.

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  • Market trends and consumer behaviour
  • Packaging formats, development, print technology and innovation
  • Competitor review and market immersion
  • Target customer profiling
  • The customer journey – home, store, aisle, shelf, pack, home
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Market data
  • Retail strategy – insights, tiering, category, season, range, tertiary brands
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V2 : Creativity

Winning design for capturing customers.
Strategic. Concept. Creative. Adaptation. Packaging. Catalogue. POS. Digital.

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V3 : Photography

Beautiful photography. Stunning styling.
Fashion. Food. Home. We’ve got it covered.

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V4 : Realisation

Bringing creative to reality.
Colour geniuses. Technical gurus. Production superheroes. Pack. Print. Page. Pixel.

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V5 : People

Champions for your brands. Soulmates for your seasons.
A single touch point from concept to consumer.

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V6 : Ta-dah

Expectations exceeded. Stunning designs. Costs halved.
Time to market smashed. Stress levels minimal.

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  • A total solution, from research to print management – all from one team, all in one building
  • Completely seamless transition between NPD stages and total visibility
  • Dramatically shorten your packaging design to print process – launch a brand in 21 days!
  • The design you fell in love with at concept, actually delivered consistently
  • Improved agility and ability to act rapidly – essential for staying ahead in retail
  • We vastly reduce the cost of launching products
  • Total synergy across brand campaigns and consistency of communication
  • Vermillion is in a perfect position to offer the best combination of creativity, technical production, retail launch experience, process and workflow technology
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